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Techno Bond in Brief

Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) is considered as the latest construction and decoration material, so we decided to build Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) to cover the growing domestic demands and neighboring markets.

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Techno Bond aluminium composite panels are designed to give your next commercial project the clean, Innovative and dramatic appearance you are hoping for. Whether it is meant to simply highlight one aspect of your commercial property’s exterior surface


Techno Bond Nano-PDVF Aluminium composite Panel (Cladding) is coated with a layer of self-cleaning protective coating that is isolated with the dirt and decompose the organic pollutants in the atmosphere, thereby achieve the self-cleaning effect.

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Techno Bond FR in an innovative fire resistant (ACP) solution which composed of two rigid top-grade aluminium sheets and a certified non-combustible mineral filled core. Techno Bond FR therefore is a solution ideal for exterior cladding projects which require tough fire resistance, excellence mechanical properties, and elegant surface enhancement.

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Techno Bond Aluminium Composite Panel Fire Retardant is coated with superior Nano-PDVF paints to maintain consistent decorative finish of the building surface over extended period of time even in harsh weather conditions.

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The panel comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the LDPE core's thickness and alloy's width can be designed according to customers requirement, the front surface is coated with PVDF paints, the protective film on the top surface can be peeled off. The back sheet is done by anti-corrosive pretreatment or coated with anti-corrosive paints.

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Here at Technobond we make sure to provide all ACP services that make it easier to achieve their projects.

Cutting & Preparing

This Service we provide it to our customers to meet their required measures to be ready for installation.

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CNC Engraving

We Support our customers with latest technology used in ACP business. One of the newest way to

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Free on site delivery:

To make it easier to our customer we provide a fleet of transportation that will deliver our products around the kingdom.

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Technical Support and Consultation

In Technobond we pursuit to figure out building solutions and we welcome any inquiry or products details.

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17 April

مشروع مترو الرياض بكلادينج تكنوبوند


على مدار أكثر من عامان من جهد ودعم متواصل من فريق العمل تم بفضل الله وضع اللمسات النهائية وتعميد مشروع مترو الرياض المشروع الأكبر بالمملكة والشرق الأوسط بكلادينج تكنوبوند...

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14 February

Windoorex Glass & Aluminum


السادة عملاؤنا الكرام تتشرف مصنع #ألواح_الخليج (تكنوبوند ) لل #كلاينج بدعوة سيادتكم لحضور جناحنا بالمعرض الدولى التاسع للزجاج , #الالمونيوم , #الواجهات #الابواب و#النوافذ وذلك من الخميس 22 وحتى...

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